GERMAN ANALOG AAA & Thiel Audio & at SOYATON premises.

The meeting was devoted to the presentation of German analog audio and was held as another meeting of the Krakow Sonic Society.
 There was lots of great music on both vinyl and tape, presentations, talks and a fantastic atmosphere. To be repeated as soon as possible.
The music was played on a tube system wired entirely with SOYATON cables).


HiFi PiG visited the room of SOYATON / AUDIOFORM / J.SIKORA during the 2022 AudioVideoShow in Warsaw and said:

“Soyaton premiered the brand new Benchmark series power cable and new versions of speaker cables as well as the Benchmark mk2 RCA interconnect.

Audioform from Poland showed off new speakers from their Adventure series.

The front end of this system was fronted by the wonderful Sikora turntable and 12” tonearm.

This was an excellent sounding system with sounds coming from all around the room from two relatively modest standmounters, though I have no idea what the music playing was. I actually did look around to find the sub, but there wasn’t one!

The art in the room was by Małgorzata Karp-Soja which added to the warm and inviting ambiance.


I just could not agree more:)!

Full report (part 4): Audio Video Show Warsaw 2022 Report 4 | Hifi Pig

All photos courtesy of HiFi PiG Magazine / Big Pig Media LLP 

Audio Video Show Warsaw 2022

SOYATON cables were succesfully present in two fantastic systems presented during the Warsaw AdioVideoShow 2022, partnering such fantastic brands as J.Sikora, SoundSpace , Linnenberg , Aidas , Franc Audio, Audioform, Pilium, Allnic, Unicorn and Abyssound.  What a team!

Flashbacks from 2019 Audio Video Show in Warsaw

During the AV Show 2019 SOYATON was  celebrating a premiere of it’s first line of high end audio cables (The Benchmark).

Despite of being a newcomer to the show SOYATON has been asked to deliver full cabling for two high end rooms/systems.

One of them was a beautifully arranged room of Aida Acoustics (speakers) supported by Fezz Audio and Muarah electronics. Sound of the system gained a lot of rave reactions and feedbacks and was also noted by multiple international journalists and critics.

Mateusz Bałabański of Aida Acoustics

The second room was co-organized by SOYATON jointly with Audioform (speakers), Elins Audio Manufacture (amplification) and AC Records (music).

The room was very frequently visited both by audiophiles, journalists as well as industry experts and professionals.

Julian Soja of SOYATON (left) with Michael Fremer 
of Analog Planet and Stereophile (right)

Michael Fremer (Analog Planet & Stereophile) - 
on his knees in front of our system:)

Dirk Sommer of HiFi Statement (left) with Julian Soja 
of SOYATON (right) 

Julian Soja of SOYATON (middle) with guests from Asia 
(Limin Audio, Shanghai) 

 There were also very interesting (and very well crowded) events organized in the room – just to mention the premiere of analogue version of “Raindance” (mastered for vinyl by Sean Magee in Abbey Road Studios in London) or a meeting with a famous polish jazz musicians – Wojtek Karolak and Adam Czerwiński to celebrate the nomination for the Best Audiophile Recording of The Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards 2019 for their album „In A Sentimental Mood”.

Left to right: Adam Czerwiński (AC Records), 
Julian Soja (SOYATON) and Wojtek Karolak

Wojtek Karolak with his fans

Our fantastic (and numerous:) visitors

Time for autographs 

Left to right: Julian Soja (SOYATON), Małgorzata Karp-Soja 
( and a famous Polish actor Andrzej Seweryn