SOYATON’s reference listening & testing system upgraded by J.Sikora

SOYATON’s reference listening & testing system has been recently upgraded. Twenty years of experience with high end audio and its tweaks, tricks and upgrades, did not prepare me for the change it caused.

The upgrade was done by Mr Janusz Sikora of  J.Sikora Turntables, who made a custom Delrin platter for my VPI HRX turntable. It has also been equipped with J.Sikora’s optional glass & aluminium  platter mat, as well as his two-piece record weight made of aluminium, brass and nickel. And fully serviced and calibrated.

VPI HRX in original version is a very good turntable, a kind of reference in terms of hi-end turntables, but improvements which I heard after the treatment by J.Sikora  were simply unbelievable… To be honest I had some reservations especially with regards to the glass platter mat – every audiophile knows that glass is not what we like. I could not be wrong more… The most striking ones include significant increase of depth of the soundstage (first line of instruments got much closer to my listening armchair and the last line is far more distant), location of instruments became ultra-precise (really ultra!), in case of good recordings one does not need to use imagination to feel the instruments playing right in from of him (you just feel them), every sound became somehow just super-realistic and super-natural. And it brings simply huuuuuge pleasure to the listenerJ. I just can’t get used to it so I put record by record on the plate and listen to them with goose bumps on my hands. More reflections to come – every record brings a new one!

SOYATON’s speaker cables found a new home at the reference system of AC RECORDS

Adam Czerwiński, a famous Polish jazzman, audiophile, record producer and owner of AC Records ( became a happy owner of SOYATON’s The Benchmark speaker cables.
As he wrote on his Facebook profile: „It’s really unbelievable what they can do with music !!! Whoever wants to get closer to the Absolute (and I’m not talking about vodka:) must have it !!!!     Thank you Julian Soja, great job !!!”.

It’s a great compliment when a great artist and musician such as Adam Czerwiński says that SOYATON cables made him happy and improved the sound of his reference system to an extend which makes him to re-listen to his entire record collection 🙂

Marcin Oleś of reviewed SOYATON’s The Benchmark speaker cables


Marcin Oleś of took a closer look at Soyaton’s The Benchmark speaker cables. Marcin is a brilliant jazz and free improvisation bass player, composer and record producer. He has cooperated and performed with musicians such as Theo Jörgensmann, David Murray, William Parker, Herb Robertson, Ken Vandermark, Hamid Drake, Chris Speed, Erik Friedlander and many others.

Can there be a better and more trustworthy feedback than received from a musician, record producer and audiophile (in one) comparing the sound of his own instrument played live and reproduced by a reference grade system?

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Flashbacks from 2019 Audio Video Show in Warsaw

During the AV Show 2019 SOYATON was  celebrating a premiere of it’s first line of high end audio cables (The Benchmark).

Despite of being a newcomer to the show SOYATON has been asked to deliver full cabling for two high end rooms/systems.

One of them was a beautifully arranged room of Aida Acoustics (speakers) supported by Fezz Audio and Muarah electronics. Sound of the system gained a lot of rave reactions and feedbacks and was also noted by multiple international journalists and critics.

Mateusz Bałabański of Aida Acoustics

The second room was co-organized by SOYATON jointly with Audioform (speakers), Elins Audio Manufacture (amplification) and AC Records (music).

The room was very frequently visited both by audiophiles, journalists as well as industry experts and professionals.

Julian Soja of SOYATON (left) with Michael Fremer 
of Analog Planet and Stereophile (right)

Michael Fremer (Analog Planet & Stereophile) - 
on his knees in front of our system:)

Dirk Sommer of HiFi Statement (left) with Julian Soja 
of SOYATON (right) 

Julian Soja of SOYATON (middle) with guests from Asia 
(Limin Audio, Shanghai) 

 There were also very interesting (and very well crowded) events organized in the room – just to mention the premiere of analogue version of “Raindance” (mastered for vinyl by Sean Magee in Abbey Road Studios in London) or a meeting with a famous polish jazz musicians – Wojtek Karolak and Adam Czerwiński to celebrate the nomination for the Best Audiophile Recording of The Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards 2019 for their album „In A Sentimental Mood”.

Left to right: Adam Czerwiński (AC Records), 
Julian Soja (SOYATON) and Wojtek Karolak

Wojtek Karolak with his fans

Our fantastic (and numerous:) visitors

Time for autographs 

Left to right: Julian Soja (SOYATON), Małgorzata Karp-Soja 
( and a famous Polish actor Andrzej Seweryn

Soyaton’s Benchmark speaker cables reviewed by Dawid Grzyb of

Soyaton’s speaker cables from Benchmark Series have been reviewed by Dawid Grzyb of renowned hi-end audio portal

Dawid is a well experienced and respected independent journalist with great expertise in high end audio, publishing mostly on his own HFK, but associated and quoted on regular basis by the largest and most influential audio and music portal

Dawid extensively tested Soyaton speaker cables in five various setups of which in three Soyaton cable was the winner versus Dawid’s reference cable. The audio gear used for the mentioned tests included Boenicke W11 SE+ floorstanders, Bakoon AMP-13R, Cube Audio’s Nenuphar, FirstWatt F7, Thöress DFP, Trilogy 925, fidata HFAS-S10U as storage and transport,  LampizatOr Pacific DAC (KR Audio T-100/Living Voice 300B + KR Audio 5U4G Ltd. Ed.).

The build of the cables received a very high note. As Dawid wrote “due to its internal insulation also by design based on pretty much empty space, the far pricier Siltech Crown Princess speaker cable invoked the very much alike impression. The Benchmark is very light, bendy and even thinner, hence similarly easy to manage if not more. Its banana plugs feel unbreakable versus hollow BFAs. Over several weeks of usage and dozens of on/offs, not a single stunt these ends pulled. Due to inherent flexibility and no issues along the road, now I’m confident to say that Soyaton’s loudspeaker leash in fact can withstand a lot. (…) The Benchmark proved to be one of the most enjoyable loudspeaker cables I’ve had the pleasure of working with. On this count it positioned itself way up there with my LessLoss C-MARC, most likely a notch higher than Siltech ’s anniversary Crown Princess model and way above my Boenicke S3.”

In terms of sound characteristic Dawid noted i.a. that Soyaton cables are “strongly focused on humanely outlined virtual shapes, generously differentiated and applied musical tissue, overall vividness and everything painted on pristinely black backdrop. (…) The Benchmark very quickly positioned itself among cable specimens behaviourally fully adult and free from any flashiness or extremes. It’s quite the achievement to land a cable voiced like so and also free from abnormal temperature rise, excessive bloom, slow pace and truncated top end as by products. (Soyaton) didn’t suffer from any of these. (…) The Benchmark’s battle against the most tonally accurate and in general transparent cable I’m aware of – LessLoss C-MARC – showed several clear similarities in their performance. Both products sported quite identically black and very much alive backdrop. Both invoked the feeling of finely applied omnipresent darkness as the firm foundation, upon which everything else was built free from any hints of garishness. The Lithuanian did this via its clever internal noise-cancelling plot, whereas in Julian’s product the same effect was achieved via gold-plating. Two different measures, yet the base result was aurally pretty much the same. To move on, both specimens in my setup provided similar listening effortlessness, liquidity and completeness. Both allowed for intake of musical content digestibly and pleasantly enough to leave any signs of fatigue at the door. (…) The Benchmark was heftier in the upper bass band and bloomier, hence naturally the LessLoss sported slimmer attitude. (Soyaton) sported more romantic, intimate and relaxed approach. The Benchmark’s backbone is very much universal, whereas everything else it does is tastefully executed and not overdone.”

In summary Dawid said: “The Benchmark isn’t exactly affordable, however its ask reflects performance accurately, which is just the way it should be. I strongly believe that cables this costly should score high notes on refinement; smoothness, backdrop tidiness, textural generosity, sonic liquidity, spatial clarity plus freedom from juvenile excess in any direction and fatigue. The Benchmark easily fits the profile and there’s no question about that in my mind. But its core voicing supported via several twists netted the result extremely easy to intake and appreciate, also on point with constant sensation of overall completeness, expressiveness and deep connection with music. It takes skill and capable ears to land such a product, which is why the Soyaton audio house now has my full attention and I do look forward to Julian Soja’s next developments.”

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